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Quality Formes began trading in 1987, almost twenty six years ago. Throughout this time QFL have risen to become one of the best known manufacturers of rotary and flat die boards in the East Midlands, which itself is an important area for the packaging industry with many large manufacturers having bases in or around the area.

The process of producing die boards has changed a lot over the twenty years, and we have always remained at the forefront of technology. In 1994 we acquired our first rotary laser, and in 2005 replaced this with a state of the art combined flatbed and rotary laser. This has increased our production capacity and cut processing times for orders - which were already highly efficient - giving us one of the most streamlined operations in our industry.

As new technological developments have arisen we have kept on top of changes. Most of the jobs submitted for processing now come in via email, to which we can ensure timely responses. Email also allows us to handle almost real time status reports on the progress of orders, cut processing times for proofing CAD drawings, and handle general enquiries. These are usually taken directly by CAD team, who can give detailed responses to enquiries without delays of it passing through administration staff.

We employ about 8 full time staff comprising of Cad engineers, computer operators (for our Rule Processors), a skilled group to rule up laser cut dies, delivery drivers (for local orders) and administration staff.